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Meaning of Magh in English:


Pronunciation /maɡ/


  • 1A member of the (largely Buddhist) people of Arakan, a district on the west coast of Burma (Myanmar), and Chittagong, on the Bay of Bengal.Chittagong was formerly part of the kingdom of Arakan but is now in Bangladesh. The Chittagong Maghs were formerly renowned among Europeans in Calcutta as excellent cooks.
  • 2The Tibeto-Burman language of the Maghs, usually regarded as a dialect of Burmese; Arakanese.


  • Arakanese.


Late 16th century. From Bengali Mag, Magh, name of the kingdom of Arakan, the kings of Arakan and its people, especially as coastal pirates from Sanskrit Magha a non-Aryan country.

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