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A brief biography of Baddanta Candamalalankara, A compiler of ancient Arakanese chronicles.

(Rampyee Taung Kyaung Sayadaw / ရမ်းဗြဲ​တောင်​​ကျောင်းဆရာ​တော်​)


In 1861, (Rakhine era 1223) Sayadaw was born at Village of Rwapale in Ramree Township, Arakan Land from father U Aung Kyaw Zaw and mother Daw Win Hla Phyu. His name was Kyaw Zaw Aung.

Ordaining as novice and monk

In 1877, (Rakhine era 1239) he was made as a novice under the guideline of preceptor Rhauk Chaung Sayadaw and he was ordained as a monk under the guideline of preceptor Taung Kyaung Sayadaw Baddanta Saramedha in 1897 (Rakhine era 1242).

Learning Literature

Sayadaw was very intelligent and interested in literature when he was young. He studied Pali canon, commentary and sub-commentary under the guideline of Rhauk Chaung Sayadaw and Taung Kyaung Sayadaw and also continued to study under the guideline of Mroktap Kyaung Sayadaw in Tharak town. He continued to study under the guideline of Pakhan Sayadaw, a headmonk in Mandalay in 1257.( Rakhine era)

Lecturing Literature

After learning literature, Sayadaw resided at Lakpananyar village in Ramree township and lectured the Pali scriptures for monks. In 1909, (Rakhine era 1271) he moved to Taung Kyaung in Ramree town and lectured not only literature but also wrote many articles and books.

Books written and compiled by Sayadaw

Sayadaw wrote many books including Ancient Rakhine King Chronicles. Of them, some books were found. They are as follow.

  • Utubhojana Thanpauk (1258)
  • Paticcasamupada kasani (1261)
  • Mangalamratkhaungchi, Narada Jataka Tale (1262)
  • Kappavinichaya (1270)
  • Veramanisila Vinichaya (1275)
  • Sammavadadipaka (1274)
  • Codakadivinichaya (1275)
  • Jambudipa India (1282)
  • Rajaimasankhepa (1292)
  • Ancient Rakhine King Chronicles (1293)

Awarded medal

Pakhan Sayadawgyi, a headmonk awarded the Missionary Medal of Rammawaddy School for Ashin Candamalalankara in 1897, (Rakhine era 1257).

Passing away

Sayadaw passed away at the Taung Kyaung (southern monastery) in Ramree town in 1936 (Rakhine era 1297) at the age of 74 (years) and 54 years of monkhood.

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  • written by: Dr. Maharnwe, B.A, M.A, Ph.D (Buddhist Studies)
  • Last updated on 28th March 2022

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